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Its departments are equipped with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and are manned by top-level doctors with a PhD. Doctors, associate professors and professors who know the best practices available in European schools. Cooperation with specialized clinics and research centers in Russia and Europe allows you to consult doctors of unique specialties.

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Medical services

Prostate cancer treatment

45 minutes of live or remote consultation.

Discuss the relationships between lifestyle, health and well-being and research findings.

Identify individual needs and capabilities, set goals and develop a non-medical treatment plan.

Detailed analysis of eating habits, clarification and discussion of problem areas.

Urology at the highest level

Pediatrics 45 minutes of direct or distance counseling.

Weight control plan (overweight/fat gain).

Physical training 

(strength/endurance/balance/strengthening of the cardiovascular system).
n relief (back pain/numbness in legs and arms, muscle relaxation) (especially for those who work or sit).